Tummysoft Drops

Tummysoft Drops Manufacturer



Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Minimum Order Quantity

30,000 Bottle





Key Ingredients

Each ml contains

B. Coagulans GBI 30, 6086 500 million
Alpha-Amylase 20 mg
Papain 10 mg
Dill Oil 2 mg
Fennel Oil 0.0007 ml
Lactase 600 FCC (Equivalent to 6 mg)


Introducing TummySoft Drops, an innovative solution by Allianz Biosciences, meticulously crafted to address colic pain in infants while nurturing their digestive health.

This special formulation combines probiotics, digestive enzymes, and carminatives, providing a holistic approach to soothe colicky discomfort and support optimal digestion. By replenishing essential digestive enzymes and beneficial microorganisms, TummySoft Drops promotes a healthy gut environment, crucial for the well-being of your little one.

Choose TummySoft Drops for your baby's digestive comfort and overall health. Trust in quality. Trust in Allianz Biosciences.

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