Probiotic Research and Manufacturing

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Viability & Stability of probiotics is a technological challenge to manufacturers of probiotic formulations.

Before probiotic strains can be delivered to the site of action, they need to be able to survive processing and gastrointestinal stress factors and exert their biological functions within the host. This technique of assured availability of the strains in the site of action is due to the stringent quality systems and processes followed in our plant.

Equipment used at the ABPL plant, along with strict adherence to processing parameters guarantee that our probiotic strains maintain a desired level of viable cell counts during the processing and throughout the shelf-life as stated on the labels.

We have dedicated Spore and Non Spore production corridors where each area of production has specific utilities and separate air-handling unit, suitable to the product being manufactured in that area.

Exclusive Probiotic Research and Manufacturing facility
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Approvals & Certifications

World class equipment

Used at the Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd (ABPL) plant monitored with strict adherence to processing parameters. This guarantees that our probiotic strains maintain a desired level of viable cell counts during the processing and throughout the shelf-life, as stated on the labels.

  • 9 Track Sachet Filling Machine
  • Extruder
  • Marumeriser
  • Blender Octagonal
  • Capsules filling Machines - SA9v
  • Horizontal / Vertical FFS filling machine – Powder
  • Horizontal / Vertical FFS filling machine – Liquid
  • Pack in pack sachet filling machine
  • Sachet filling machine for Gastrointestinal lavage sachets, Laxatives
  • Flat Bed Blister machine
  • Few Capsule Filling Machine Equipped with Automatic Metal Detection System
  • Auto Coater
  • Pakona High End Sachet filling Machine
  • Automatic Alu / Alu and Blister Packing Machine with NFD
State of the Art Equipment

All Products manufactured at ABPL Plant are tested in house for chemical, Instrumental & microbiological consistencies.

  • UV / VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Colony Counter
  • HPLC with Amino Acid Analyzer
  • FTIR
  • Laminar Flow to Conduct Microbiological testing
  • Automatic Sterilizer
  • Elisa
  • Stability Chambers
  • Walk-in Stability Chambers
  • Automatic Bursting Strength apparatus
  • Gel Electrophoresis apparatus
Cold Storage

The products are stored in controlled climatic conditions ranging from 0° to 15° Celsius.


Our warehousing facility ensures adherence to Good Warehousing practices and stores all material ( Raw Material & Packaging material ) and finished products in ideal and controlled temperatures only. ABPL’s warehousing facility has been treated with Thermal coating using Australian technology to reduce the temperature in the storage area, thus enhancing the requirement of climatic control and improving the efficiency of the plant on the whole.

Approvals & Certifications