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Probitoic Contract Manufacturing


Currently, we manufacture probiotics for leading Indian companies like Tablets (India) Ltd, USV, Dr Reddy’s, Sun Pharma, Mankind, Abbott, Cipla, Torrent, Lupin, Himalaya Drugs, Curatio, Corona Remedies, etc., and are the preferred partners for international probiotic giants like CHR Hansen, DuPont Nutrition, TOA pharmaceuticals, Lesaffre, Kerry, Morinaga etc. Our state of the art probiotic manufacturing and research facility uses Japanese technology and rigid process engineering and controls to ensure high quality and stable formulations. 

We have access to well documented bacterial and yeast probiotics including Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103) and Saccharomyces boulardii. We can offer products containing LRGG (ATCC53103) and S.boulardii either as standalone ingredients or even in combination.

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Probiotic Friendly

Probiotic Friendly 

Our dedicated Probiotic facility is fully geared up to handle tricky microbes. For e.g., We are currently handling and manufacturing probiotic strains which are very sensitive to humidity and often due to nature of the strain, its efficacy is lost during production processes. Due to our experience, expertise and continuously learning new techniques, we have been able to set up several process control measures which are “Probiotic friendly” which help these microbes to go through the entire chain of production without losing its efficacy, so that we are able to “ensure life until end of shelf life”, which is also part of our corporate policy.

The above policy along with consistent production processes under strict supervision on humidity, thermal parameters and other steps assists us in ensuring viable and stable strain quality batch after batch.


Our manufacturing experience is that we produce about 350 million Probiotic capsules, about 150 million Probiotic Sachets every year and we have also produced more than 1 billion tablets / Lozenges in the last five years. We currently manufacture Best Probiotic Contract Manufacturer formulations for various international companies on a toll and contract manufacturing basis.

Our Current Production Capacities
Dosage Form Produced so far
Probiotic Capsules 2250 million
Probiotic Capsule-in-Capsule 200 million
Probiotic Sachets 325 million
Probiotic Sachet-in-Sachet100 million
Probiotic Dry Syrup25 million
Probiotic Stick Pack25 million
Probiotic Tablets10 million
Major Production Equipments

Equipments used at the ABPL plant, along with strict adherence to processing parameters guarantee that our probiotic strains maintain a desired level of viable cell counts during the processing and throughout the shelf-life as stated on the labels.

  • Extruder and Marumeriser
  • Blender
  • Capsules filling Machines – SA9, AF25T, AF90T / AF40
  • FFS filling machine – Powder / Liquid
  • Auto Coater
  • Pakona Sachet High End machine
  • Automatic Alu / Alu & Blister Packing machine With NFD
  • Pack in pack / Twin Pack sachet filling machine
  • Various Packaging machines – Flat Bed Blister machine and Strip packaging machines
  • Capsules-in Capsules filling machine
  • Tablet department with tablet punching machines
  • Lozenges manufacturing and packaging machinery
  • Various Packaging options in blisters, strips, Activ CSP Vials, plastic bottles, canisters, HTS stick pack, sachets , “etc.” with online labeling and coding facility
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