Tummy Soft Dry Syrup

Tummy Soft Dry Syrup Manufacturer



Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Minimum Order Quantity

20,000 Bottles




Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes

Key Ingredients
  • Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086    -  500 mn CFU
  • Alpha Amylase ;                                 -  25 mg
  • Pepsin                                                  -  10 mg 
  • Lipase                                                  -  1.5 mg

Introducing Tummy Soft Dry Syrup, crafted by Abpl Manufacturing, a powerful formula designed to support optimal digestion and gut health.

Formulated with Bacillus coagulans, a beneficial strain of bacteria, and digestive enzymes, Tummy Soft Dry Syrup works to rebalance and restore the natural flora of the intestine. By replenishing good bacteria, it helps to promote healthy digestion and maintain gastrointestinal wellness.

Not only does Tummy Soft Dry Syrup aid in preventing diarrhoea, but it also safeguards against the depletion of beneficial bacteria caused by prolonged antibiotic use or intestinal infections.

Trust Tummy Soft Dry Syrup for a happy tummy and overall well-being. Choose quality. Choose Abpl Manufacturing.

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