What is a Contract Manufacturing Company?

By Allianz Biosciences  |  on April 27, 2022

Are you wondering what are Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical companies? If you answered yes, search no further. This blog contains everything you need to know about Contract manufacturing companies.

During the times of COVID19, there was a sudden shortage in the supplies of essential pharmaceutical products. To meet this sudden demand, firms began outsourcing their production creating a demand for Contract Manufacturing companies. Growing demand for pharmaceutical products has created competition for the pharmaceutical companies to launch their products first to seize the marketplace, thus contract manufacturing plays an important role to meet the global needs and will be experiencing steady growth.

It is projected that by 2026 the global market size of the Contract Manufacturing Organization will be USD 188.07 billion compared to the market value of USD 92.42 billion in 2018. 

What is Contract Manufacturing? 

Two parties are involved in Contract Manufacturing; it is a process where the manufacture of the products is subcontracted by a firm to another company. The patent of the product is owned by the firm that hires the manufacturer, and the formulation of the product is provided to the manufacturer after the parties come into a contract. The arrangement of Contract Manufacturing is Cost Saving for businesses as the Contract Manufacturer is responsible for both production and maybe even shipment of the products.

Reasons why businesses opt for contract manufacturing?

  • The Contract Manufactures source raw materials in bulk including for other firms. Hence there is a low cost of production involved in Contract Manufacturing.
  • The business can focus on marketing strategies as there is a shift of focus from production and training to sales.
  • Business is no longer required to invest their capital in machinery and maintenance.
  • Saves up time, space, and energy
  • Low cost of manpower is involved in the Contract Manufacturing 
  • Highly skilled man-power

Things you must consider before hiring a contract manufacturer.

1. Reputation of the contract manufacturer

Before choosing a contract manufacturer, it is essential to verify their reputation by reading reviews, and feedback or get in touch with one of their vendors. The manufacturer must be able to provide satisfactory service and address issues with quick resolution. 

2. Quality Standards

The manufacturer should be able to meet the quality standards while processing to prevent the occurrence of physical, chemical, or biological hazards. 

3. Price

The manufacturer should offer you a competitive price. A low-priced manufacturer does not indicate low quality at the same time a high-priced manufacturer does not indicate good quality. Choose a manufacturer that is competent and meets your budget requirement. 

4. Delivery

Along with the ability to meet the Quality Standard, the manufacturer must be able to Deliver the product on time and meet the purchase order. 

Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd is a probiotic research and manufacturing company in India established in 2004 and located in Puducherry. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 FSSC 22000, and ISO 45001:2018, accredited and WHO certified. The production process complies with Good Manufacturing Practices. The company has an in-house Quality Control, warehouse, and cold storage facility. 

Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd provides contract manufacturing services for Probiotics, Contract Research, and development services, and Contract pharmaceutical packaging services.  

Key clients of APBL are Sun Pharma, Lupin, Dr Reddy’s, Torrent pharm, Cipla, Abbott, Mankind, USV Limited, and Himalaya.

Some of the products manufactured by Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd are Bifilac Clausi, Bifilac capsules, Bifilac Sachet, Bifilac Dry Syrup, Bifilac HP Capsules, Bifilac GG, Sporit GG 10bn, Bifilac GG 10, Sporit GG, Vizylac GG, ViBact DS Capsules ViBact Capsules, Unobiotics Duo, Bifilac GG Duo, Unobiotics SB, Rescunate, Colonise Forte, Biosun Instant, Eurobiotic Germina Capsules, Eurobiotic Germina, Femflora, Bifilac Logenze, Atogla Probio, Biosun R, Florasante and Lipimod.

To Conclude

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing organizations are gaining momentum around the globe and are expected to grow steadily. Due to the rising demand for the manufacturers, the number of organizations is cropping up, hence it is essential to choose a good contract manufacturing organization that manufactures products by the regulatory norms prescribed. ABPL (Allianz Biosciences Pvt Ltd) is a prominent manufacturer providing Contract Research and Development, Contract Manufacturing, and Contract Packaging services in India. 

For more details on the services offered, get in touch with the team.

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