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ABPL R&D Program

The Company's R&D effort is focussed on three areas:

  • Developing fourth generation designer's probiotics for human therapeutic purposes.
  • Developing probiotic therapy as an alternative for antibiotics for poultry
  • Developing water and soil probiotics for environmentally sustainable aquaculture.

ABPL Research areas

Establishment of a culture collection

This research area forms a central part of the Network. Among its objectives are isolating, characterizing, and cataloging of bacteria, yeast from various sources. Identifying the characterized strains at strain level by employing polyphasic approach (using conventional and molecular taxonomy).

Identifying putative probiotic strains

In vitro studies to investigate the following characters.

  • Its effects on the growth of various pathogens
  • Their capacity for adhering to gut cells using intestinal Caco-2 cell.
  • Their ability to reduce cholesterol and produce H2O2
  • Tolerate bile salts and gastric juice.

Safety studies and standardization of downstream production

In vitro and in vivo safety studies in animal model system and human clinical trials and standardization of fermentation and lyophilization and robust technology to sustain the stability of the bacterial strains.