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For Animal – Aqua Health

Feed probiotics for poultry ( Ecodyne ) & aquaculture ( Ecoforce )

Ecoforce , a feed probiotic for Aqua-culture is marketed by Tablets India Ltd.

Ecoforce is becoming increasingly popular in Indian Aquaculture, it has been extensively documented in shrimp culture that ECOFORCE provides various benefits like improves feed assimilation, controls vibriosis, resolves blue shell amongst other benefits & ensures a good crop to the shrimp farmer.

Water & soil probiotics ( Ecotrax ) for aquaculture 

Several hundreds of bacterial strains have been isolated from marine environments such as coral reef and mangrove soils. Each strain was screened for their potential application for shrimp culture and narrowed down to 11 strains. All the 11 strains were subjected to strain level identification by employing 16S rDNA sequencing. The sequence data have been submitted to NCBI GenBank.

Each of this strain was individually tested for their probiotic features by in vitro experiments and found that 6 bacterial strains are having potential application as water/soil probiotics.

Different formulations using these strains were done in laboratory level as well as field level (On-Farm) trails have been successfully conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the formulation for successive seasons.

Successfully launched different kinds of water and soil probiotics (ECOTRAX, ECOTOXNIL, BLOOMAX and RHODOMAX) with specifically selected bacterial strains for shrimp culture and being marketed from 2009.