Probiotics supplements have now been embraced and accepted as agents that can bring significant health benefits:

  1. Enhancement of the immune system.
  2. Antimicrobial effects inhibiting intestinal and food poisoning pathogens.
  3. Improvement of gut function by normalizing microflora balalnce, reducing constipation and improving intestinal mobility.
  4. Treatment of diarrhea including infantile, traveler’s and antibiotic induced diarrhea.
  5. Nutraceutical effects including contributing to the reduction of serum cholesterol, management of diabetes and prevention of osteoperosis.
  6. Improved nutrition through the enhanced breakdown of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and their absorption through the intestinal walls.
  7. Cell normalization effect -normalize capability of cells.
  8. Cleanse blood – blood becomes cleaner and freer of toxins.
  9. Prevent infection by harmful bacteria – defense against increase in pathogenic bacteria.
  10. Site specific, Strain specific and Disease specific prebiotics and probiotics discovered to manage conditions like Urogenital Tract Infections in women, neutiralising Oxalate crystals, Atopic dermatitis and Allergic conditions etc.,

As our population ages, the importance of the prevention of disease has been recognized a new and our entire society has become health-oriented.

Following that trend, product development based on beneficial bacteria including lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria is now in full bloom. While there is a scientifically proven benefit to effective probiotic tablets, there is also some confusion amid the wide range of supplements available and the claims made for them.

There has also been some disappointment for some of these products not resulting in any noticeable change or decrease in symptoms of an intestinal problem. Applying the same rigorous scientific research techniques, experts in microbiology and intestinal bacteriology have developed a lactobacillus, Acidophilus Probiotics for Women, men & kids and Bifidobacterium strains with superior ability to adhere to the intestinal walls and displace pathogenic bacteria anc to absorb harmful compounds and offer beneficial results.