Contract Research & Development

ABPL is at the forefront of Probiotic research & development in India with full fledged R&D department doing pioneering work in the field of Probiotics and also nutraceuticals. ABPL’s R&D department has innovated various “1st time in the World” dosage forms in Probiotics & Nutraceuticals.

Our R&D is currently handling probiotic strains which are very sensitive to humidity and often due to nature of the strain, its efficacy is lost during production processes. After months of R&D work, we have been able to set up several process control measures which are “Probiotic friendly” which help these microbes to go through the entire chain of production without losing its efficacy, so that we are able to “ensure life until end of shelf life”.

Very recently, when an unique yet challenging project of combining Herbal ingredients with Beta Glucan and probiotics came up, ABPL rose up to the challenge. ABPL closely worked with the client to overcome the challenge of stabilizing the probiotic strain which usually is highly unstable at Indian conditions. The other challenge in this project was that, to bring in required beta glucan content within the limited space available in capsule dosage form as the molecule has the physical property of low bulk density and they take up considerable void space in the capsule. ABPL and Client repeatedly worked-reworked the methods/process to ensure that the label claim of beta glucan as desired by the client is made available in the final product. This product has been commercialized in a capsule in capsule format, wherein the probiotic is in the inner baby capsule and beta glucan with herbal ingredients are in the outer mother capsule. The successful commercialization of this product adds yet another feather in the cap of ABPL.

In the past ABPL’s R&D has been able to successfully stabilize European probiotic strains (which are very sensitive to heat and moisture) to meet the ICH Zone IV conditions by innovating with the packaging and ensuring stability till the end of shelf life. The product has been successfully marketed in India by leading companies. Currently we are working on stabilizing probiotics for many probiotic giants to meet ICH Zone IV conditions.

We would also like to mention here that in the formulation and packaging front we have some new & novel packaging and development which have been recently introduced. This includes a novel “Sachet in Sachet” technology and “Capsule in Capsule” technology for the first time in the world. These novel packaging solutions allows Probiotics to be given along with some other ingredients like Vitamins, Minerals etc thus getting the benefits and maintaining the efficacy of Probiotics. These are some novel forms of delivery of fortified Probiotics which have been developed in-house.