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Currently we manufacture probiotics for leading Indian companies like Tablets (India) Ltd, USV, Dr Reddy’s, Glenmark, Torrent, Fourrts India, Pharmed, Unichem etc., and Overseas companies like Sanofi, Abbott, Sunwave Pharma, Blis technology, etc., and also manufacture products of international probiotic giants like CHR Hansen, TOA pharmaceuticals, DSM, Lesaffre, etc., for their licensee partners in Indian subcontinent at our state of the art probiotic manufacturing and research facility using Japanese technology and rigid process engineering and controls. We manufacture probiotics in form of capsules, capsule in capsule, sachets, sachet in sachet, tablets, lozenges, dry syrup and latest development is that of probiotic drops.

Strictly adhering to the WHO/FDA recommendation, thousands of bacterial and yeast strains from ABPL culture collection were extensively screened and 134 bacterial strains and 18 yeast strains were found to be displaying antagonistic activity against wide range of gut pathogens. Out of 134 strains, 10 strains were found to be potential candidates, they exhibited greater antagonistic activity against several pathogenic bacteria and exhibited resistance to bile salts and gastric juice (low pH) and classified under putative probiotic strains. All the 10 strains are Catalase negative, Gram-positive non-spore forming rods and the strains are designated with ABPL accession numbers.

ECOTRAX, ECOTOXNIL, RHODOMAX, NOVIB etc., are some of the successful products researched and developed for shrimp and aquaculture health by ABPL research team. Continuous improvement in the process of manufacturing and the quality aspects is a constant endeavour at ABPL. Every bacterial strain that is used in these products is been tested for its stability and also periodically tested for its genetic stability.

Much of the research efforts are being now focused on the yield improvement of every probiotic bacterial strains through optimizing its nutritional requirements with special reference to developing cost effective media optimization.

ABPL's Looking for Partners:

ABPL is now looking for strategic partners who have interest in Probiotics to have a synergistic partnership to take the research forward. We are open to different models of collaboration as well.