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About Allianz Biosciences (P) Ltd.

Allianz Biosciences P. Ltd. (ABPL) is situated in a beautifully laid out scenic location in Pondicherry, which has been called the French Riviera of the East.

ABPL is an exclusive Probiotic Research and Manufacturing facility, dedicated to manufacturing high quality probiotic formulations complying with Global Standards. The state-of-the-art facility employs qualified microbiologists with international experience in Probiotic research and development. ABPL is a WHO certified and GMP compliant Facility. Each area of production has a specific utilities and separate air-handling unit, suitable to the product being manufactured in that area. This plant has received ISO accreditation from SGS, Geneva. ABPL has commenced its operations in 2004 and since then has received several approvals from various international companies and also regulatory bodies.

Viability & Stability of probiotics is a technological challenge to manufacturers of probiotic formulations. Before probiotic strains can be delivered to the site of action, they need to be able to survive processing and gastrointestinal stress factors and exert their biological functions within the host. This technique of assured availability of the strains in the site of action is due to the stringent quality systems and processes followed in our plant.